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Having a clear understanding and knowledge of the political infrastructures of the country one is residing in becomes very crucial in many careers. Moreover, some business executives also need to keep themselves updated regarding the political status in other countries, including the USA, China, Europe, Russia and others. Political science is a discipline and a branch of knowledge that deals with the scientific study and analysis of the political activity and behaviour of a state or country. It not only deals with the systems of governance but also studies the economic stature, international relations and political theory or methodology. The purpose of studying political science is to get a more in-depth insight into one of the major forces that govern the corporations and communities as well as the public in general. It is important to keep oneself updated regarding the latest practices of the government as it helps to analyse the methods that one needs to follow to carry out business operations efficiently.

Why Study Political Science - Job?

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Political science is the scientific study of politics. It is a social science dealing with systems of governance and power, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, political behavior, and associated constitutions and laws. Modern political science can generally be divided into the three subdisciplines of comparative politics , international relations , and political theory. Political science is methodologically diverse and appropriates many methods originating in psychology , social research and cognitive neuroscience.

The Study of Political Science Essay

The purpose of our major is to deepen knowledge and understanding of one of the most powerful forces operating on people, communities and corporations today, namely government and politics in the USA and around the world. This knowledge and understanding is valuable for all citizens. It is also essential in many careers today; business executives, for example, need to have some understanding of the likely trajectory of policy and politics in China or Europe as well as in the United States in order to make wise investment decisions. Because political science is a discipline that uses different approaches, our courses train you in a number of different critical skills that will help you succeed in almost any career. Most of our courses have assignments that develop your skills in writing.
One of the requirements of the Political Science major is the senior essay. The senior essay is an opportunity to go more deeply into a topic or puzzle than you ordinarily would on a final assignment for a course. At first, this may seem like a daunting task. This document is designed to allay some of that anxiety as well as familiarize you with things you need to know about the essay requirement.

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