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Essay Examples. It are these forces of evil that ultimately lead to the breakdown of Othello, a noble venetian moor, well-known by the people of Venice as a honourable soldier and a worthy leader. Desdemona is representative of the good in nature. Good can be defined as forgiving, honest, innocent and unsuspecting. The evil contained within Othello is by no means magical or mythical yet is represented by the character Iago.

Good And Evil In Othello

Good And Evil In Macbeth And Othello |

Is he a bad person because he will stop at nothing to reach his goals? Iago is not the evil person as we all may think. In fact, he is the anti-hero of the play Othello. He thinks of himself as just the one that is playing the hand of the villain; he is not any kind of villain he is merely doing his duty. Iago justifies this in his sick way of thinking, all those that have done him wrong, are the bad ones and most of all the weak ones that deserve to be punished. At the end of act 2, he speaks freely about his thoughts.

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Evil and Good in Othello Life in general is often used as a system of ways to define what kind of person you are by its end. Shakespeare takes that theory into test upon his characters in his work of the famous play Othello. Through the verbal twists and turns along with the addition of color symbolisms, the personalities of Othello, Iago, Desdemona are revealed to their fullest extents, along with their own balance of good and evil within. When this is realized by this famous Shakespearian.
It also reveals his sad state and gives the audience a reason for his evil nature. This allows the audience to sympathize and even understand why he takes these actions. A Renaissance tragedy also shows the issue of circumstance causing the ultimate conflict in the work. They also reveal how much power Iago has over everyone around him due to his honest outward appearance.

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