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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. William Golding creates many characters in his novel, Lord of the Flies, but the most influential is Jack Merridew. He experiences a change that directly influences the outcome of the novel. He goes from a very innocent English schoolboy to this beast or savage that totally twists the novel. He shows his own plummet into brutality and violence.

Lord of the Flies Summary

Lord of the Flies: Lord of the Flies Book Summary & Study Guide | CliffsNotes

Lord of the Flies is an important title for the novel because it is one of the most important symbols in the novel. Jack is the power-hungry boy who is absorbed in his self-pride. He establishes himself as the head of the choir, holding a respectable place of leadership amongst them. However, he is not chosen for chief because he is not thought of as interesting amongst the littler kids. He is outraged at the election of Ralph as leader, but submits to a position of semi-leadership over the hunters of the group.

Essays on Lord of The Flies

In this novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows how our society suppresses the evil that is presented in all of us. Throughout this adventure Jack changes from a well mannered choir bo, who was scared to kill a pig, to a savage hunter who leads his band of hunters to kill everything in site. Jack was a load and strick choir leader and always seemed as if he would do anything to be leader, while Ralph was not severe or even very load, but he always wanted what was best for the group. Ralph uses the conch as a symbol of order and it is opposite to the pigs head the lord of the flies which attributes to the killing and sheer brutality of the hunters. Jack is the perfect example of a boy whose dark side took over when he was no longer bound down to a civil environment.
The novel itself is about young boys stranded on an uninhabited piece of land after a plane accident. Throughout the whole text, they are trying to survive and bring order into their lives. Despite their decent upbringings, without connection to civilization, the kids soon descend into savagery and primitivism.

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