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In the present day, contamination is a word we often hear, we become so used to hearing it that we often ignore it. However, it is, and air pollution is a very dangerous form of pollution that affects all of us. Containing high levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, lead, chlorofluorocarbons, and many more. It happens when any unsafe gases, dust, smoke goes into the climate and makes it harder for plants, wildlife, and people to make due as the air ends up contaminated.

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Understanding and Preventing Air Pollution Air pollution is a major problem affecting the entire world. In the United States some progress has been made in reducing air pollution through the Clean Air Acts passed by the Congress. Still there is a lot to be done. To prevent air pollution it is important to understand how the air is being polluted, how it impacts on the ecosystem and what we can do about it. Earth is surrounded by layers of gases known as atmosphere.

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This is a shocking statistic. It harms the oceans, each year about , dolphins die because the government throws the trash littered into the oceans. Fluoride when applied topically can be done and then removed spit from the body, posing much less risk to the system than fluoride that is ingested and absorbed throughout.
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