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Cubism is a style of painting that was developed in the early s. Cubist paintings show objects from many angles at once. They believed that painters should not just present realistic views of subjects. Instead, they wanted to show every part of the whole subject.

Muddy the waters: Egyptian authorities struggle with Suez canal blockage

Ancient Egyptian History for Kids: Pyramids

You know that sinking feeling. It's late in the evening and you've caught the glint in the eye of the wine bottle in the fridge. Before you even start a long night of history or incomprehensible maths, there's just about time for an argument about why they didn't ask three hours earlier. It's almost impossible to resist the urge to go into parental irony mode. And that's really going to irritate them even more. How did they find time to take enough Snapchat pictures to fill the National Portrait Gallery but couldn't manage to start their homework? Then when you think it's all over, it gets even worse.

Egyptian life and culture

The Bronze Age is a time period when bronze replaced stone as the preferred material for making tools and weapons. This led to improvements in agriculture and brought with it changes in the way people live. Different societies entered the Bronze Age at differing times. Using bronze meant craftsmen could produce a greater range of tools and weapons than had previously been possible. Metal working skills could also be used to produce household and luxury goods and fine jewellery.
Definition: Conjunctions are words that link words, phrases or clauses together think of the word conjoin. There are three types of conjunctions: coordinating, subordinating and correlative conjunctions. This article will give you several examples of conjunctions based on their type. Coordinating conjunctions connect two words or groups of words with similar values.

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